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STAGE DIRECTOR AIN MÄEOTS: “Kissing Tartu” will dissect the mystery of the kissing pandemic occurring in the Capital of Culture

The “Kissing Tartu” concert show will take viewers to the centre of an unforeseen “kissing pandemic”. Two young detectives will set out to solve the mystery. Where this all leads and how it ends will be revealed by the concert show, said the director Ain Mäeots.

According to the director, the concert show can be considered an extraordinary event in the history of Tartu, as the stage will be taken by most of the singers who have represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Twenty Eurovision stars will perform: Koit Toome, Maarja-Liis Ilus, Elina Born, Getter Jaani, Uku Suviste, Stig Rästa, Birgit Sarrap, Ott Lepland and many others, among them Victor Crone (Sweden) and, remarkably, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Conchita Wurst (Austria). The concert show which celebrates the 30th anniversary of Estonia’s participation in Eurovision will culminate with an unprecedented joint kiss.

“There is certainly no reason to be nervous since it’s not required to partake in the joint kiss” said Mäeots. “You can simply come and experience a concert hosting the best artists in Estonia. We aim to create a truly exoteric concert in the best sense, along with awesome visuals,” said the director.

The stage screens will feature a five-part humorous miniseries, consisting of imaginative, couple-minute interludes.

“Who has seen and remembers agents Mulder and Scully from the TV hit ‘The X-Files’? Similar to that thrilling series, the concert show will feature a video story where two young scientists set out to solve the enigma of the kissing epidemic that has struck Tartu, in an X-Files-like mystery,” said Mäeots.

Namely, it has been observed that people are kissing more and more on the streets of Tartu, a phenomenon which is continually growing. The investigation is undertaken by Estonian genetics PhD student Kristo (Kaarel Pogga) and his colleague from Italy, behavioural science professor Maria (Maarja Johanna Mägi).

“How it all ends and where it leads, we will see in the five parts of the interlude film,” revealed Mäeots. 

Additionally, the film introduces the legend of the ‘The Kissing Students’ sculpture, written by Juhan Püttsepp. “We will see how the passionate couple met and the coming about of Tartu’s most famous kiss,” he said. 

Mäeots highlighted that all actors and hosts seen in the interludes are from Tartu.

The free concert show starts at 9:30 PM in Tartu Town Hall Square and culminates at 11 PM with the largest joint kiss in Estonian history. The event will be broadcast live by Estonian Television. Real-time coverage can be watched on Delfi and Kroonika.

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