About the project

Kissing Tartu is an initiative promoting human caring and respect. It consists of an international educational programme, audio etudes and a concert show culminating in a big collective kiss.

The most crucial, yet intricate, skills involve feeling, understanding, and expressing love. In Tartu, this should be accessible to everyone. We discuss relationships with simplicity and honesty while offering great entertainment.

Concert show

On May 18, 2024, Tartu Town Hall Square will host a historic event shattering the perception of the modest and reserved Estonian.

The concert features well-known Eurovision songs from Estonia and Europe, through which the story of Tartu, Estonia and Europe will be told. This event marks the 30th anniversary of Estonia’s participation in Eurovision. We will surprise the audience with unexpected musical ensembles and a visually captivating performance. Alongside several Estonia’s favourite artists, Conchita Wurst (Austria) and Victor Crone (Sweden) will perform.

Join us and become part of an unprecedented kissing outbreak and a memorable entertainment programme set to unfold in Tartu!

International Education Programme

First Kiss is an international education programme aimed at young people, with the intention of expanding their worldview and raise awareness regarding sexual health and safety. The project includes a virtual reality experience ‘Emotions of Love’, an international conference, an e-quiz, and a student research competition ‘Humans and Sexuality’.

Audio etudes

The audio etudes delve into the lives of cultural figures who were active in Tartu during the first half of the last century, unravelling their love stories. What did the relationships between these prominent people look like? In what ways was the love for the city and art expressed? The etudes are largely based on memories, correspondence and diaries.

Eight audio etudes take the listener through the love stories of Marie Heiberg and Friedebert Tuglas, Aino and Gustav Suits, Eduard Tubin and Elfriide Saarik, and Konrad Mägi and Paris