Spectacular concert show and a collective kiss in the heart of Tartu

May 18, 2024, Tartu Town Hall Square
The event is free of charge

On May 18, 2024, Tartu Town Hall Square will host a historic event shattering the perception of the modest and reserved Estonian.

The concert features well-known Eurovision songs from Estonia and Europe, through which the story of Tartu, Estonia and Europe will be told. This marks the 30th anniversary of Estonia’s participation in Eurovision.

The concert is complemented by video stories that immerse the viewer in the heart of the ‘kissing epidemic’ that has unexpectedly swept through Tartu. Maria, a sceptical expert from Europe, and Kristo, a young Estonian genetic scientist, embark on a quest to solve this enigmatic case. Does the answer lie in the heart of Tartu?

The concert programme kicks off during the day with a Eurovision-inspired musical and spectacular show by the talented young performers from Shaté dance school.

It all culminates in an unprecedented collective kiss!

The concert will feature songs from the Eurovision Song Contest, known and loved both in Europe and Estonia. The audience can expect fresh and unexpected musical ensembles performing new renditions of beloved songs. The concert, taking place on May 18, will be remembered long after the Capital of Culture title has been awarded.

Director: Ain Mäeots
Musical Director of the Concert: Siim Aimla

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst (Austria) and Estonia’s representative Victor Crone (Sweden) will perform as soloists, as well as Estonian music stars, Lenna Kuurmaa, Birgit Sarrap, Ivo Linna, Koit Toome, Ott Lepland, Alika Milova and many others.

Conference programme

Coming soon.

„Kissing Tartu“

„Loovsekkumine“ at a press conference for foreign journalists on 26 January. Photo by Reigo Teervalt