VR experience „Emotions of Love“

The educational VR experience for young people, „Emotions of Love“ explores love and the complexity of emotions, taking the viewer into the emotional whirlwind of two young people in love.

The Virtual Reality (VR) experience „Emotions of Love“ is available in Estonian, English, Maltese, Danish and Czech. The content is available for free and is designed to support youth workers, teachers and parents in initiating open discussions with young people about relationships, love and managing emotions.

The VR experience can be used, for example, in human studies, psychology, literature, and English lessons, but also in youth centres, non-formal training courses and so on.

„Emotions of Love“ offers a new approach to teaching; students don’t have to be in the classroom, they can learn from anywhere. Wisdom is not passed on by the teacher, but comes through reflection and discussion.

What makes the VR experience special is the compelling and emotionally evocative story, with added interactivity that allows the viewer to get inside the story and identify with the characters. For example, when the characters get angry, the audience also gets the chance to experience the anger and ultimately find peace and a way forward.

It’s a familiar story of falling in love, getting hurt and rediscovering yourself, which as a VR experience feels novel and powerful. The VR experience serves as a valuable input for discussions with young people.

The VR experience „Emotions of Love“ is available in the Meta Quest environment.


The project is funded by the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Agency under the Erasmus+ programme.

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Thank you to our partners!

The project is the result of collaboration with partners from Estonia (University of Tartu Youth Academy, Maru VR, Tartu Student House), Denmark (Schools for Health), Czechia (European Development Agency) and Malta (Agenzija Zghazagh).

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