Kissing Tartu is an initiative promoting human caring and respect. It consists of an international educational programme, audio etudes and a concert show culminating in a big collective kiss.

The project is part of the main programme of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. The initiative is organised by Tartu Student House.

General contacts:
MTÜ Tartu Üliõpilasmaja
Reg. No. 80087452
A: Kalevi 24, 51010, Tartu
T: 7 302 400

Kulo Kungla - Suudlev Tartu

Kulo Kungla

Project Manager

Kristel Jakobson 2 - Suudlev Tartu

Kristel Jakobson

Project Manager of the Educational Programme

blank - Suudlev Tartu

Kadri Asmer

Project manager of audio etudes

Ain Maeots - Suudlev Tartu

Ain Mäeots

Director of the Concert Show

Kilusk 1 - Suudlev Tartu

Ireene Kilusk

Marketing and Communication Specialist

Annika Polgast - Suudlev Tartu

Annika Põlgast

Specialist for Academic Affairs, University of Tartu Youth Academy

Sten Arvi - Suudlev Tartu

Sten Arvi

Technical Manager of the Concert Show